Lemongrass To Go

Citywest Restaurant

Lemongrass To Go

Lemongrass Fusion Citywest

Citywest Hotel, Saggart, Co. Dublin.
Tel: (01) 458 8193 / (01) 458 8207


Collection Times:

Tuesday – Thursday 12pm – 9pm

Friday 12pm – 9:30pm

Saturday 12:30pm – 9:30pm

Sunday 12:30pm – 9pm


Soups & Salads

All of the main courses, with the exception of noodle and rice dishes, are served with steamed rice.

Fried or Organic Brown rice €0.50 supplement. Chips or Fried noodles €1.80 supplement

Add extra ingredients to your main course wok or curry dishes.

Beef, Chicken, Tiger Prawns or Duck for €2.10. Additional Cashew Nuts €2.10

Noodles & Rice Dishes

Curries (16oz)

All main courses are served with steamed rice. Brown rice or fried rice 50c extra

Straight From The Wok

Chef's Favourites

Vegan Dishes

Side Orders



Set Meals

Sushi Boxes

All served with wasabi, Kikkoman, pickle ginger, wakame and pickle radish.

Note to all customers:

While our paper packaging is designed to be durable and sturdy, it is important to note that sauces and other liquids can cause leaks if the packaging is not handled properly. We want to ensure that your food arrives in the same condition it left our restaurant, so we kindly ask that you take extra care when transporting your orders.

– Keep your food upright and avoid tilting the packaging

– Place the food on a flat surface in your vehicle, away from any potential hazards

– If possible, transport your food in a cooler bag to prevent any spills or leaks from damaging your vehicle

[***] medium spicy – if you would like your meal extra spicy, please just ask!

[v] vegetarian or can be made as a vegetarian dish on request

[agf] adaptable to a gluten free dish on request

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